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16oz. CROWLERS [ $7 ]
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64oz. GROWLER [ $24 ]*

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THANK YOU for your love, patience, and support!” – The Dufresne Family


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  2. Place your order, following all instructions. 
  3. Head to the cidery to pick up your order & park either on the street, in the front of our building, or in our rear parking lot. (*Please allow at least 20 minutes from time of order placed for us to get it ready for you!)
  4. FOR CURBSIDE pick-up orders: Call (303) 997-7375 to tell us that you have arrived, detailing which car you are in. Have your valid ID ready, and one of our bartenders will bring your order to you!
  5. FOR WALK-UP pick-up orders: Walk up to our front door and make your way down the steps on the right to the bar. There will be a sign above the bar labeled “order”. Present your valid ID and our bartender will give you your order. *Please be respectful of our staff and other patrons’ personal space and adhere to the 6-foot social distancing requirement.
  6. If your order is not ready upon your arrival, please wait outside or in your car, and one of our bartenders will bring it to you.

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Cider Menu

In the true Swiss style, our ciders are unfiltered (i.e. hazy), less carbonated, and oh-so full of flavor.
Thurgau Dry
[TUR • GOW] • DRY • 6.5%

A dried out, slightly tart version of our Base Kämp. A flood of real apple taste followed by a tangy and dry finish. Named after the Canton (or province) of Switzerland where the original Waldschänke still resides to this day!
DRY • 6.0%

Dive into the Colorado ski season with this cranberry cider! Refreshing, dry, and tart with a deep, almost cherry-like flavor. Best enjoyed on the slopes in fresh powder!
Eiger Cider
DRY • 7.0%

Boozy and dry, this high ABV cider drinks like a light, juicy Märzen lager. Perfect for the beer-drinkers out there!
Rhine River Razz (SOLD OUT)
DRY • 5.9%

Distinct floral aromatics of raspberry greet your nose as you take the first sip of this airy and refreshing cider. Light-bodied and subtle, this is the perfect beverage for any calorie-counter or hard seltzer-lover!
Red Sky
[RED • CURRANT] • DRY • 5.9%

Crafted with red currants, this cider is almost wine-like in taste and quality. Beginning with a subtle and refreshing berry taste followed by a satisfyingly tart dryness, this is a must try if you are a dry wine drinker!
Base Kämp, Vol. 5
OFF-DRY • 5.5%

Fresh and unfiltered, our flagship Swiss-inspired cider is satisfying and sessionable! This hazy, tavern-style cider has a light and juicy body with fresh-pressed orchard apple aromatics and a crisp finish.
Onyx Berry (SOLD OUT)

Unfiltered with a light berry aroma, this fresh blackberry cider is invigorating with a gorgeous deep purple hue.
Hot Fuzz

Peachy juiciness melds with the warming heat of habanero peppers to create this unfiltered + insanely sessionable peppered cider. Be warned! The nose of this cider can be intense (AKA don’t sniff too closely), but the heat is subdued and lingers nicely.
Prickly Pear Punch
OFF-DRY • 5.9%

Fluorescent pink prickly pear gives way to a deliciously drinkable, full-bodied cider that not only goes down easy but is a treat for the eyes as well!
The Northcider, Vol. 7

An experimental hopped cider that varies with each batch! This particular rendition delivers a punch of juicy pineapple followed by a slightly bitter and pleasant bite of Rakau hops meld together to create an aromatic and incredibly refreshing cider. Crisp, balanced, and minutely tart, this cider is sure to please any fruited beer- and/or hop-lover.
Chai Noon

Crisp, clean apple cider melded with the light, warming chai spices of cinnamon, clove, and ginger. Subtle, comforting, and delightful!
The Mangolorian (SOLD OUT)

Ripe and aromatic mango melds perfectly with a splash of lime and a subtle note of sage. An unlikely match-up of flavors gives way to one unique and refreshing summer drink; now all that’s missing is Baby Yoda! #ThisIsTheWay

Are you a fan of summertime mimosas? Look no further! Dry bubbles greet your palate while fresh, juicy Venezuelan caracara oranges coat your tongue with a satisfying sweetness; each sip as refreshing and mouth-watering as the last!
Limoncello Ginger
SWEET • 6.5%

Hazy, lazy, and aromatic, our Limoncello cider transports you to the Italian Sorrentine Peninsula. Freshly-squeezed lemon juice and zest blended with fresh apples and a wonderful aroma of ginger- Bellissimo! (Drinks like a tart, fresh lemonade with a hint of ginger!)
Pike's Peak Plum

Sweet, juicy plum coats your tongue as you sip, almost immediately followed by a puckering tartness. Rich but light and oh-so decadent, this cider is like a refreshing SweeTart candy! Best enjoyed ice cold, straight from the tap!
SWEET • 6.9%

The subtle aroma of ginger blossoms into a spicy punch, calmed by a sweetness that leaves you craving more!
The Firefly (SOLD OUT)

Reminiscent of a southern sweet tea, but with our own Waldshanke twist! Rooibos tea steeped in our very own cider with a touch of herbal citrus from rosehip; one of our most unique and delicious experimental ciders yet!

Saft vom Fass ("From The Barrel")

Bear Creek Bourbon
OFF-DRY • 7.0%
Barrel-fermented in bourbon barrels from Bear Creek Distillery, this straight bourbon cider does not disappoint! Medium-bodied and bourbon forward, this cider drinks like a bourbon whiskey and light apple cocktail.
Nectar of the Gods (SOLD OUT)

A distinct aroma of bourbon and oak greet your nose as you take your first sip. Sweet, natural honey coats your palate, followed by a bright citrus and hint of bourbon. A true, unique delight that Imhotep himself would come back from the tomb for!

Cider Treats

Cider Flight
Choose ANY 4 ciders (including slushes, floats, and Saft vom Fass!)
Mango Cider Slush
Fresh, juicy mango in slush form- is there anything better? 6% ABV.
Lemonade Cider Slush
Fresh sweet, cider lemonade in a chill and crave-able treat! 6% ABV
Cider Float
Your choice of cider topped with your choice of cider slush! (Pictured: Pike's Peak Plum cider topped with Lemonade Cider Slush)
Cider Freezer Pops
Flashback to being a kid on a hot summer day, diving into the freezer for an ice cold freezer pop... Except now they're alcoholic!

FLAVORS: Choose ANY of our ciders on tap! These pops are only available to-go.

To-Go Options

Canned fresh from the tap! Mix & match ANY of our ciders!

16oz. can - $7.00
4-pack - $25.00 (SAVE 75¢per can)
BYOG (Bring Your Own Growler)

32oz. - $14.00
64oz. - $24.00

Snacks & Non-Alcoholic

Tim's Potato Chips
OPTIONS: Original Salted, Honey BBQ (SOLD OUT), Hawaiian BBQ, Sweet Maui Onion, Salt & Vinegar (SOLD OUT), Jalapeno
Charcuterie Adult Lunchables
Did Lunchables used to be your favorite lunch to take on a field trip as a kid? Well take a trip to the Waldschanke and enjoy an "adult" lunchable of Prosciutto, Fontina Cheese, and Hearty Artisan Crackers!
Kid's Freezer Pops
Kombucha (bottle)
USDA organic craft brewed, live and active with 2 billion CFU probiotic cultures.

Flavor options vary.
Izze Sparkling (bottle)
A delectable mix including 70% fruit juice and a splash of sparkling water.

Flavor options vary.
Martinelli's Sparkling Cider (bottle)
Gold Medal non-alcoholic Sparkling Cider. Pressed from 100% U.S. grown fresh apples with just the right amount of bubbles and no chemical preservatives.
S. Pellegrino (cans)
"S.Pellegrino is a fine quality natural mineral water that flows from natural springs in Val Brembana in the San Pellegrino Terme area, at the foothills of the Italian Alps near Bergamo (Lombardy). This ‘terrior’ makes S.Pellegrino sparkling and naturally enriched with mineral salts."

Flavor options vary.
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