Swiss-Inspired. Colorado Roots.

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Escape from the stresses of everyday life with a rejuvenating escape to The Denver Waldschänke. Here you can enjoy our Swiss-inspired, unfiltered, and slightly still ciders while taking in the quaint and quiet Northside/Sunnyside neighborhood. Our cozy and charming taproom offers a European feel with chill Denver vibes, all at an unbeatable location.

We are just minutes from Union Station, allowing you to begin your day with us sipping a warm cup of Mad Loon Coffee Roasters coffee, as well as finish your evening with a Swiss-inspired nightcap.

Welcome to your new favorite spot!

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Thurs-Sun • 12-7PM

Our Ciders

Swiss-Inspired. Colorado Roots.

Thurgau Dry


Dark Sky

Thurgau Dry
[tur • gow]  DRY6.5%

A dried out, slightly tart version of our Base Kämp. A flood of real apple taste followed by a tangy and dry finish. Named after the Canton (or province) of Switzerland where the original Waldschänke still resides to this day!

[yo • hahn • iss • berry]  DRY6.3%

Swiss-German for ‘black currant’, this unfiltered cider is tart, tangy, and surprisingly refreshing. With a dryness that coats your tongue, the moment you take your first sip you’re ready for a second!


Oh-so dry and crisp, this black currant cider is almost wine-like in taste and quality. Beginning with a subtle and refreshing berry taste followed by a satisfyingly tart dryness, this is a must try if you are a dry red wine drinker!

Kumquat Did You Say?

Base Kämp

Prickly Pear Punch

kumquat did you say?

Citrus-forward with a hint of floral aromatics, this light-bodied cider is delicious, refreshingly tangy, and fulfills your craving for a super-tart summer lemonade. Sour beer drinkers will love this one!

Base kÄmp, vol. 3
off-dry 5.5%

Fresh and unfiltered, our flagship Swiss-inspired cider is satisfying and sessionable! This hazy, tavern-style cider has a light and juicy body with fresh-pressed orchard apple aromatics and a crisp finish.

prickly pear punch

Flourescent pink prickly pear gives way to a deliciously drinkable, sweet-tart cider that not only goes down easy but is a treat for the eyes as well!


Hot Fuzz

Raspberry Heiss


Light-bodied and slightly sweet, this refreshing and delicious green apple cider is blended with organic Matcha green tea to create a crisp, slightly herbal, and dangerously drinkable cider. You won’t find a cider like this anywhere else!

HOT FUZZ [habanero • peach]

Peachy juiciness melds with the warming heat of habanero peppers to create this unfiltered + insanely sessionable peppered cider. Be warned! The nose of this cider can be intense (AKA don’t sniff too closely), but the heat is subdued and lingers nicely.

semi-sweet • 6.5%

Don’t be fooled by it’s beautiful burgundy color and rosy aroma- this cider is hot! Raspberry floods your mouth, immediately followed by the pleasant and biting heat of a fresh, hot habanero pepper.

The Boys’nberry

Hopped Grapefruit

Zermatt Razz

The boys‘nberry

Diabolically delicious, this cider tastes just like a boysenberry; with the juicy intensity of a blackberry, the sweet + floral character of a raspberry, and more zing than both! Inspired by Karl Urban’s ragtag crew from The Boys and created by our boys: father-son duo, cidermakers and owners John and Keane.

north-cider hopped grapefruit

A punch of juicy and slightly bitter grapefruit followed by a pleasant blend of varying hops create an aromatic and refreshing cider. Crisp, balanced, and minutely tart, this cider is sure to please any citrus and/or hop-lover.


Floral rose aromatics welcome your nose as you sip this fresh and sweet cider, finishing with full and tangy raspberry flavor. Named after the town in Switzerland where the beautiful Matterhorn peak resides.

Blue Bear

Strawberry Swiss-Family Rhubarbinson

blue bear
SWEET • 6.3%

Fresh blueberries delight the palate as they mix with tart apple to have a summery sweet taste mixed with a little bit of acid. Addictingly refreshing, this cider is the *perfect* addition to any cocktail or to enjoy on it’s own.

SWEET • 6.3%

Your favorite green apple rhubarb cider is back and better than ever! Fresh strawberry aromatics greet your nose as you sip, sweet strawberry flavor coating your tongue and reminding you of your favorite summer day.

Saft vom Fass
"From The Barrel" a Waldschänke Barrel-Aging & Fermenting Project



Rum With It!


Combining the citrus tang of lime and the sweetness of fresh-pressed apple juice with the distinctive bite of tequila, our classic margarita-inspired cider hits all of the right notes! Fermented in an Oak tequila barrel with fresh limes and agave.


A taste of the tropics is what this piña colada-inspired cider delivers! Fresh apple juice fermented in an American Oak rum barrel swirled together with fresh pineapple juice + creme de coconut, this drinks begs to have a tiny drink umbrella on top!


Pure apple juice fermented in an American Oak rum barrel. Still and unfiltered, take a sip and taste the fresh sharpness of apple combined with a hint of delicious, comforting spiced rum.

What Our Guests Say...

Fabulous Spot. Very European feel, the perfect escape from the day to relax and enjoy. Georgeous build out. Kind, educated staff. Family is warm fuzzy all around. Most importantly… AMAZING ciders. It’s not just A Ciderhouse… it’s particular and focused on THE BEST ciders. A welcome addition to the North Denver family-run business world!”

– KG via Google

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