Reserve The Waldschänke

The Private


Book a party in our private back room! Suitable for parties with 20-40 guests

The Whole


Reserve our entire taproom just for you! We’ve hosted everything from weddings & baby showers, to engagement & retirement parties; whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered!



Our very own food truck, The EuroWagen, offers convenient and delicious catering for your private party. Featuring tasty treats like charcuterie boards, pretzel bites, and more…!

Party With Us!


Frequently Asked


Yes!! While we offer our own catering options from our food truck, The EuroWagen, we are available to help accommodate your group’s specific needs and would love to assist you with outside catering setup.

NO!! While we can accommodate wine and non-alcoholic drinkers, we operate under a Wine License and therefore cannot legally serve any liquor OR beer. We can run group tabs or handle tabs in several ways to suite the needs of your particular party. However, if you choose to rent out our entire taproom, we can accommodate certain liquor requirements.

For groups 20+. While general taproom tables can be reserved depending on the day/time, they are to be occupied by bodies, not purses, jackets, table clothes, cakes, bags, or other items to “save” your table. If our staff finds tables that are not occupied by bodies but rather “stuff” and other patrons are waiting on a table, they will clear the table for others to use and all personal items will be stored in the lost and found until claimed. If you are organizing a group of 20+ that would like to mingle, set up a buffet table with food, use table clothes, cakes, decorations, etc., we advise that you rent our private space!

No. We cannot host groups with a large number of children due to the nature of our facility. We love being a family-friendly place and welcome well-behaved children who can sit with their guardians, but too many children running around is a liability in a alcohol manufacturing establishment, and puts undue stress on our business, our team, and the experience of others. Hence, we have a 5 children maximum per group, exceptions can be made for small infants. We do have a few toys to keep a limited number of kids occupied, as well as offer FREE ice pops for well-behaved kiddos!