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Meet The Dufresnes, the family behind the Denver Waldschanke!

We have always wanted our place to feel like a home away from home with good food, great company, and-of course- amazing cider!

Food is an art. I'm passionate about baking - the tradition of it, making it, and sharing it.

Zac Posen

Zac Posen



The Original Waldschanke

Our inspiration came from owner Ruth’s father who helped build out the original Waldschanke in Switzerland during World War II



Our Grand Opening

After years of planning, we were so excited to celebrate our grand opening here in Denver with all of our friends & family

The Wrench

Just like many other small businesses, disaster struck for us when the first of the COVID-19 shutdowns began. We were lucky enough to survive with the help and support of our family, friends, and community.



The Here & Now

After surviving the pandemic we are now thriving and have big plans for our future – won’t you join us for the ride?




601 Bourke St, Melbourne,
Victoria 3000, Australia



Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne,
Victoria 3000, Australia


Los Angeles

121 Central Ave.
Los Angeles, CA


Novaro 55 Bakery

Jl Graha Bintaro Utara 16, Jakarta
Banten 15227, Indonesia


Our Swiss


Our Swiss inspiration comes from Co-Owner Ruth’s father, George Mueller. In Romanshorn, Switzerland- at the young age of sixteen- George became a part of the original Waldschänke. This cidery, located on a forest preserve was aptly named “Waldschänke”, meaning “forest tavern” in traditional Swiss-German.

During WWII, George assisted in digging out the cellar of the original Swiss Waldschänke; which became a place where the entire village would come to relax, drink traditional unfiltered cider, and enjoy each other’s company.

When George- who we lost in March 2022 at the age of 99- had to retire and leave his legacy behind, we decided to carry it on here in the U.S., taking inspiration from his original unfiltered recipes while adding a modern Colorado twist. Our goal in opening this cidery in Denver, is to create that same welcoming atmosphere, where people from all walks of life can come together, connect, and enjoy a pint or two worry-free.

Our team consists of George’s daughter Ruth and her husband John, along with their son Keane and his wife Kelley. We opened up shop in October of 2019 and were gaining traction when the first shutdown due to COVID-19 hit in March. Since then, we have been working tirelessly to maintain a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable space for our neighborhood along with creating some of the most diverse and delicious ciders in the city! Some haus favorites include:

  • Base Kämp [ original Swiss apple • OFF-DRY ]
  • Thurgau Dry [ dry apple • DRY ]
  • The Northcider [ hop-infused • OFF-DRY ]
  • Hot Fuzz [ peach habanero • OFF-DRY ]
  • Mad Lion [ cold brew infused • SEMI-SWEET ]
  • Dark Cherry Bomb! [ tart cherry vanilla • “SWEET” ]
In addition to our cider, we are also the home of a small coffeehaus & roastery. Roaster Zach Green meticulously roasts our sustainably-sourced beans, which yields some of the most flavorful coffee in town.

In addition to our cider and coffee, we also have our very own European/Swiss-inspired food truck- The EuroWagen– to give our customers a fully immersive (and delicious!) experience. We source all of our ingredients locally, from venders in and around our neighborhood to provide flavorful comfort food to our patrons.

Summer time at the Romanshorn Waldschänke

Food and drink in the forests of Switzerland

John, Ruth, George, and friend Erwin enjoy a pint together in Switzerland


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