Coffee With A Conscience



Our main sourcing partner, Genuine Origin, has an approach to selecting farms which focuses on how environmental ethics and sustainability concerns take precedence over just having an organic “certification”.

While a majority of our single origins are indeed certified organic, some of our blends rotate seasonally and are comprised of beans from many small farms partnered with Genuine Origin as part of their Farmer Support Program, and may not have the official seal. Quality is assured and we choose to partner with these farms to not only provide the best product we can, but to support a global community of hard-working & passionate people.

The Farms

Take a look at some of the farms we’ve partnered with

Our Coffee’s


Responsibly-sourced coffee tastes better! With beans sourced from across the globe, we offer some of the best roasts in town.


To cup

Our partnered farms are dedicated to harvesting responsibly to help create a cup of coffee that feels good in the soul.

Small Batch


Carefully roasted with passion and dedication to ensure the highest quality; you’ll taste the difference!



Hand-packed with care to remain true to our history, family, and beliefs.

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